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Jobs & Vendor Opportunities

The BJCC, political leaders and local business community came together with a vision for Birmingham’s newest Stadium, but Protective Stadium will be far more than a center of sports and entertainment. 

The construction of Protective Stadium will provide significant stimulus to Birmingham’s economy, offering opportunities for businesses and individuals. Building the stadium will require dozens of companies and hundreds of workers. Even after the construction of Protective Stadium, it will require a diverse team to host events, from stadium vendors hawking hot dogs to the affiliate vendors that provide goods and services. Please stay tuned to this page as we draw nearer to the completion of Protective Stadium, as we’ll begin posting updates to job and vendor opportunities.

Job Opportunities

The  BJCCA will administer the recruiting and hiring associated with stadium employment opportunities. 

Those with a passion for the service industry and who are proud to represent the best of Birmingham’s community are encouraged to follow opportunities associated with Protective Stadium. Above all, we are committed to equal opportunity and a diverse workforce. We welcome your application! 

Benefits: Protective Stadium offers employees a rich benefits package. Our comprehensive program includes health, dental and vision coverage for full-time and regular part-time employees, their spouses, and eligible dependents. We also offer life insurance, long-term disability insurance, a very attractive vacation, sick leave, and holiday program; an employer-funded pension plan; and free parking.


Vendor Opportunities

Protective Stadium will require the services of a wide array of businesses, large and small and we look forward to formally issuing notices for competitive bids associated with goods and services that fall under State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law requirements, Requests for Proposals for other eligible goods and services as well as seeking out direct partnerships where allowable. 

As a venue managed by the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center Authority, our mission statement includes a commitment to equal access and opportunity, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender. We encourage all members of the greater Birmingham area to seek out opportunities with Protective Stadium. Please stay tuned and contact Sharon Proctor, Purchasing Coordinator, via email [] or by phone at (205)458-8400 for more information. 

We look forward to expanding business to business oppportunities with the greater Birmingham area. 


State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law

Protective Stadium and The BJCC are required to comply with the State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law. The law requires that all purchases associated with labor, services, or for the purchase or lease of materials, equipment, supplies, or other personal property, involving $15,500 or more, except as otherwise exempt, be let by free and open competitive bidding via sealed bids to the lowest responsible bidder.

Minority Vendor Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the minority owned business program is to ensure that minority owned businesses have equal access and participation in the competitive bid process.

Program Details

Encourage department managers to include minority vendors with all bid requests.
Maintain a comprehensive directory of minority-owned businesses.
Pass all construction bids through the Birmingham Construction Industry Authority.
Advertise bids in the Birmingham News and Birmingham Times.

We look forward to doing business with the greater Birmingham area.

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