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It Started With A Bold Idea

The idea for a brand-new multi-purpose venue at BJCC has been a part of the long-term strategic plan for the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center Authority (BJCCA) for many years. In December of 2018, that idea began to come to life, when the BJCCA, working hand in hand with many stakeholders including the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, the Jefferson County Legislative Delegation, UAB, and the Birmingham corporate community coalesced support to finance, design and construct a new stadium for Birmingham, Alabama on property at the BJCC.

Protective Stadium Timeline

Beginning with a conversation between the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center Authority and the University of Alabama Birmingham shortly after the school’s football program was re-instated in 2015, momentum began to solidify around the idea of constructing a new multi-purpose stadium on property previously acquired at the BJCC.

Discussions picked up momentum with support from Jefferson County, the City of Birmingham, the Jefferson County Legislative Delegation, and corporate community support. Shortly thereafter, the BJCC Board of Directors pushed the project forward by retaining the world-renown Kansas City architectural firm Populous to begin developing concepts for a stadium on the new site at the BJCC.

With the financing model solidified in late 2018, site work started in 2019, construction began on the stadium in January of 2020 after construction firm Brasfield and Gorrie were awarded the contract to construct the stadium following a public competitive bidding process.



Over the following four years, enormous fiscal support pours in from countless businesses and government agencies:

Design Agreement Awarded for Protective Stadium

The Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center Board of Directors selects world-renown architectural firm Populous to lead the design team in developing an updated master plan for the BJCC to include a new multi-purpose stadium and a modernization of Legacy Arena.

Jefferson County Commission Makes a Financial Commitment

The Jefferson County Commission unanimously commits $30 million towards a new stadium at the BJCC, contributing $1 million dollars per year over the next 30 years toward stadium construction debt. 

Birmingham City Council Votes in Favor of Financial Resolution

Birmingham City Council votes unanimously in favor of the resolution to provide financial support for the stadium; In March 2018, the City of Birmingham commits $3 million per year for a term of 30 years toward debt service associated with stadium construction and modernization of Legacy Arena.

BJCCA Passes Resolution Authorizing Bond Signatures & Financial Planning

The BJCCA passes a resolution that authorizes its Executive Committee to sign the Bond Purchase Agreement after the bonds’ actual sale. 

Groundbreaking Ceremony

In December of 2018, all parties involved with the project are present for the groundbreaking ceremony. Protective Life enters into an agreement with the BJCC to be the name and title sponsor for the stadium in April of the following year–Protective Stadium is officially named on April 11th. 

BJCC Authority Begins Entering Into Contracts and Procuring Services

Bonds are priced and sold for the $300 million projects. Approximately $175 million is allotted for the new stadium, with another $125 million earmarked for Legacy Arena modernization.  Of the sale,  Tad Snider, BJCC Executive Director, says that “while in some ways a formality, completing the issuance of the project…Read More

Protective Stadium is an extraordinary investment in Birmingham's future.

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